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We welcome papers for the mini track titled 'Open Government and Data-driven Policy-Making in the Digital Age' at AMCIS 2018, New Orleans, LA, USA (August 16-18, 2018).

Minitrack: Open Government and Data-driven Policy-making in the Digital Age

Naci Karkin, nkirgin at pau.edu.tr<mailto:nkirgin at pau.edu.tr>
Marijn Janssen, M.F.W.H.A.Janssen at tudelft.nl<mailto:M.F.W.H.A.Janssen at tudelft.nl>
Laurence Brooks, laurence.brooks at dmu.ac.uk<mailto:laurence.brooks at dmu.ac.uk>

The opening of government by stimulating online engagement and opening of data, change the way how government and its stakeholders interact. Government discloses public data to stimulate transparency, accountability and encourage stakeholders to get involved in government decision-making, thereby fostering innovation in government. All over the world, governments are opening up their data to provide the public with datasets to engage them in processes of public service provision and policy-making. This digitalization transforms the government in various facets, including the government structure, policy-making practices, and the power balance between citizens and their governments. Although politicians have expressed high ambitions, the implementations and related outcomes have been modest so far. Many challenges are encountered and how these transformations would look like is ill understood. Furthermore, large amount of data can be combined, analyzed and processed for various purposes to stimulate innovation or create public value. Traditional policy-making and surveillance functions are to be changed due to the utilization of 'Big Data' analytics, new social computational techniques, distributed ledger (blockchain) technology and stakeholders' involvement. Nowadays, data can be used for predictive analytics to improve public policy-making. Furthermore, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data can be used for monitoring, surveillance and other related purposes to improve policy-making process. Yet what constitutes open government and how transparency and accountability can be achieved and the full potential of policy-making in the digital age still remains underexplored and lacking in proven results.
Topics likely to be of interest in this mini-track include (but are not limited to):
- Transparency and accountability
- Policy-making, decision-making
- Open Government Data and services
- Linked Open Data
- Collaboration, public-private partnerships
- Socio-technical infrastructures
- Measuring and benchmarking
- Smart surveillance
- Internet of Things
- Big Data analytics
- Citizen engagement
- Open data portals and infrastructures
- Open data policy and guide
- Good and Better governance
- Data and information quality
- Value of data, public values
- Open data and public sector innovation
- Data impact on society
Please note that submissions will end at February 28th., 2018 through https://confs.precisionconference.com/~amcis18/.
Please note that acceptance will be based on the outcomes of a double-blind peer review process.
The AMCIS 2018 Conference is accepting the following types of submissions.
*  Completed Research
*  Emergent Research Form (ERF)
*  Workshops and Tutorials
*  Panels
*  Technology Research, Education, and Opinion (TREO) Talk Sessions
*  Professional Development Symposia (PDS)
Please, access the submission system at https://confs.precisionconference.com/~amcis18/.
AMCIS Tentative Submission Deadlines
*  Completed Research, due February 28, 2018 (Central Time noon)
*  Emergent Research Form (ERF), due February 28, 2018 (Central Time noon)
*  Workshops and Tutorials, due April 4, 2018 (Central Time noon)
*  Panels, due April 4, 2018 (Central Time noon)
*  Technology Research, Education, and Opinion (TREO) Talk Sessions, April 25, 2018 (Central Time noon)
*  Professional Development Symposia (PDS), due April 25, 2018 (Central Time noon).

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